artiste peinte lionnel attal


French painter

I am a young painter from Boulogne Billancourt, I am deliberately turned to the tools of digital creation to express my imagination.

On this site are my first works, sketches and illustration in acrylic.

I take you to my world through a unique virtual gallery.


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My work

Some examples of what I can produce, whether it's sketches in pencil, works on acrylic or digital creations My Paint, I am passionate and I draw my inspiration from the vision I have of the world.

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vous y trouverez des dessins réalisés selon différentes techniques ( My paint, Acrylique, Esquisse, A l’huile, Aquarelle) vous pouvez visionner les œuvres en utilisant les flèches latérales au sein du même groupe. 

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unique works

My works claim to be unique, because each piece made is an original. My different techniques: Sketch in pencil, works on acrylic and digital creations.

art, a passion

Create for me is a real passion! I have always had an attraction for art. The painting imposed itself on me, a means of expression appealing to my senses and allowing me to express my emotions.